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Founded in 2007, Neuaura is an an eco-conscious, animal free footwear company that provides an assortment of footwear ranging from summer sandals to faux fur lined winter boots.  They do their best to ensure the manufacturing process and materials leave minimal impact on our planet. 

Arti Upadhyay has always loved design and fashion. She started working early on with fashion companies during her college years, finding work wherever she could and eventually landing herself a position in a footwear company that worked with major brands.  It was a small company, so she worked in all facets of the business and quickly fell in love with the whole process of bringing shoe designs to life. She believes that when designing, “you must design with all your senses.”  Her inspiration for her shoe designs come from everywhere. “I could be moved by the styling of a movie or just walk in one of the neighborhoods of NYC and get influenced,” she says. “But most importantly, the designs of each shoe should always be a balance between uniqueness, comfort, and sustainability.”

Arti was also raised in a family of nature and animal lovers. Not surprisingly, she’s a lifelong vegetarian with deeply rooted love and respect for animals. When she started her own shoe company, she wanted to combine her love for fashion with her love and respect for animals and nature.

Neuaura shoes are guaranteed to be animal free. They are made from quality and, whenever possible, sustainable materials. In addition, a portion of Neuaura’s production is made at a sustainable factory in Brazil and every year the brand donates 5% of their annual net proceeds to charities that preserve and protect the environment.